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Didja miss me?

I seem to be having quite a full life recently. Here are the highlights of the last eight days:

Friday: Took the day off work, flew to California, visited Katie and her family and Hank in the evening.

Saturday: Visited my parents in the morning. Then went to the ABL party, which was fantastic as usual. Got to catch up with about a billion friends I don't see very often: Dawn, Anna, Rob, Patri, Shannon, John, Ted, Sharon, Hank, Brian, Chiara, Dominic, Zeke, Walt, April, Kim, Sam, Danielle, Dave, Chrysa, and I'm probably still leaving a bunch of people out. It was wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you to all the ABL folks for organizing such a great event. I played bughouse for about 3 hours, and sat in the hot tub for probably another 3 hours. I also met another club juggler there, Rion, who is a friend of NeilFred's. I didn't get to sleep until 5am.

Sunday: Had a delicious breakfast at ABL (thank you Dawn), did a bit more juggling, drove back and visited my parents some more, and then caught a flight back to Portland. In the evening I joined an online chessplaying community called Red Hot Pawn, which I found out about from Ted and Hank.

Monday: Went to a juggling club meeting in the evening. Got offered a chance to juggle in the Beaverton SummerFest parade.

Tuesday: Had dinner with some friends from Portland in the evening (Miana, Joel, Brian, Grant, Katie, and a few other very nice people whose names I forget). We played Trivial Pursuit until about 12:30 in the morning.

Wednesday: Went to my other juggling club meeting in the evening.

Thursday: Finally got a chance to rest.

Friday: Learned how to write inline assembly in gcc.

Today: Got to meet Linus, who is absolutely the cutest ever. Then invented some crazy juggling patterns with Josh for a few hours. Hopefully Beth will forgive me for stealing Josh away from her and the baby for so long.

Then I came home, played some more chess, and then had a marathon 7-ball juggling practice. Total number of times in my life that I have ever had a qualifying run of 7 balls: twice (first time was on June 4, second time was about 6pm today). Whee!

I will have to figure out what I did recently to make my life so exciting--it's not normally like this. But I want it to be like this more often.

Hmm... 7:15pm and it's still nice outside. I think I'll go for a walk.
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