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Eventful weekend

Item the first: Last night the Portland Jugglers did some fire juggling in front of the Salmon Street Fountain. We were there to be some entertainment for the bikers in the Midsummer Night City Bike Tour. It was loads of fun. The peak of adrenaline was when five of us got together and did a star. I didn't realize until last night that I was crazy enough to attempt that pattern with torches. Nor did I realize I was a strong enough juggler to actually pull it off. We got a big round of applause for that one.

One of my co-workers was there with a digital camera. Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday I will have pictures to show.

Item the second: My friends Miana and Joel got married today, and get this: it was a surprise. When we all showed up this afternoon we thought we were just there for a housewarming party. At 7pm they revealed that it was going to be a wedding too. The ceremony was at 7:30. How cool is that?

And now, in the spirit of finding stuff to be grateful for, here's a list of 10 things that I'm grateful for this weekend:

1. Having friends who are cool/crazy enough to have a surprise wedding.
2. Having friends who are cool/crazy enough to juggle fire in front of hundreds of people.
3. The organizers of the Midsummer Night City Bike Tour, for letting their insurance cover us so we could get our fire permit.
4. My great friend 175560, for complimenting me in choiceful's journal.
5. The weather, for being perfect this weekend.
6. My great friends 175560 and dlakelan, who each called me this weekend for a nice long chat.
7. Tim from the juggling club, for giving me a ride in his convertible last night. (I don't remember ever before riding in a convertible with the top down--it was great fun).
8. Stuart and Janis from the juggling club, for serving as fire safety so the rest of us could have a good time.
9. The contributors to Wikipedia, who collectively created this fine article. But that's a subject for another journal entry.
10. Terry Pratchett, for coming up with book after book that makes me roar with laughter.
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