Paul Berry (stereotype441) wrote,
Paul Berry

I am unmoved

I guess a lot of people are moving these days because moving is now in my dreams. Last night, just before waking up, I had a dream that my parents were moving. Or rather, it was my whole family moving (Jason and I still lived at home). My parents believed that everything was packed away for the move, and the moving van had already left. All was left was to pack the car, my family's old Toyota Previa. This was going to be a long distance move so we essentially had to leave the house completely empty. And yet, even though I couldn't think of anything specific that we hadn't packed, the house was still completely full of furniture and stuff. I kept opening cupboards, finding them full, and saying "guys, here's another cupboard we need to pack".

Nobody else seemed to care, and weirdly, I hardly did either. It was kind of a pseudo-anxiety dream in that respect: full of reasons to be anxious, but no actual anxiety. Eventually I decided to start sorting the contents of cupboards myself and start putting them into boxes, even though there was no way I could possibly finish in time.

And then suddenly it was take-your-cat-to-work-day and I brought Marie with me to my job at an office supply store.
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